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Bev Irwin

Bev Irwin is an award-winning author of thriller, suspense, romance, and adventure novels for adults, young adults, and middle-grade. Her medical thriller, WITHOUT CONSENT, was blurbed by Lee Child and Michael Palmer. 

Bitten by the screenwriting bug, she has adapted her women’s suspense, MISSING CLAYTON, and her middle-grade survival adventure, IN HIS FATHER’S FOOTSTEPS, to script format. She has won multiple awards in contests and film festivals for both of them.

Other projects include a couple of Christmas romance movies. She is also adapting her paranormal YA, GHOSTLY JUSTICE. This script is targeted for a television series, Nancy Drew for the younger crowd, a murder, a ghost, but no sex.

As a retired nurse, she often adds a touch of medical, physical, or psychological to her work. 

She is in the process of self-publishing several children's and middle-grade stories. Coming soon: THE WORN BEAR, a historical young adult adventure, THE WOODEN STATUE, a Goosebumps-style camping adventure, and WINNIE’S CAPE, a children’s story about a witch’s yearly bath and friendship. THE WORN BEAR will be adapted to script format.

Bev lives in a small village outside of London, Ontario with a Golden Retriever look-a-like and a persnickety Maine Coon cat. When not spending time with her family, three children, and three grandchildren, she loves reading and writing. Time spent with friends over a good meal or by the lake revives her spirit.




An introverted single mother risks her life to find her kidnapped five-year-old son when the police fail and she can no longer trust those closest to her.



A rebellious fourteen-year-old struggles to survive in Northern Ontario in his quest to find his missing father.



A seven-page short is being expanded into a feature. An off-the-grid fourteen-year-old struggling with his mother's deteriorating mental status walks away from his Missing Child photo.



A fifteen-year-old doesn’t want to read people’s minds, or see ghosts, and she definitely doesn’t want to help solve a forty-year-old murder. Planned for a TV series.



A recently jilted ER doctor finds the first victim of a serial killer excising women’s kidneys and risks her life to aid the police before she becomes his next victim.



After a failed suicide attempt leaves a depressed teen in a coma she must decide if living is worth the effort.



A pediatrician returns to her hometown of Juniper Falls to help her father over Christmas. She wins the heart of a crippled child but can she make the father love Christmas again?


A Jewish teenager’s dream of getting the Elgin 4 Star Deluxe bicycle is shattered when Hitler bombs Amsterdam. As the persecution threatens him and his family’s lives the Resistance arranges a risky escape. Will the Nazis find the jewels he’s hidden in his sister’s stuffed bear or will they be caught before reaching Switzerland?

I have been fortunate to receive some wonderful reviews of my books but this one is my favorite.

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