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Award-winning author Bev Irwin lives in Belmont, Ontario with a Maine Coon cat and a Golden Retriever look-a-like. She began her writing career at the tender age of eight with the publication of her poem about daffodils. She continued to write poetry for many years while she became a registered nurse, married, had three children, and worked in several hospitals and several areas of nursing.

Bev has always been an avid reader. When an injury gave her the time to delve into writing, she began her first novel, pausing to write several children’s books. Now she writes mystery, thrillers, adventure, paranormal for adults and young adult. She loves to add a touch of medical, either phycological or physical, to her novels. She enjoys attending writing conferences and meeting other writers and fans.

Her debut novel, WHEN HEARTS COLLIDE, a contemporary romance, was published under the pen name, Kendra James.

A medical/police thriller, WITHOUT CONSENT, was blurbed by Lee Child as a “fine medical thriller."
Michael Palmer said “Bev Irwin knows how to generate unrelenting tension. Her writing is as sharp as a number 11 scalpel blade.” Winner of the Chanticleer Clue Award for Medical Suspense, nominated for a Silver Falchion.

Bit by the screenwriting bug, she has been adapting some of her novels into screenplays.

MISSING CLAYTON, a suspense novel has been a semi-finalist in several contests and was in the Top 100 (Feature or TV Pilot), Table Read My Screenplay Genre Screenplay Competition Austin 2021, and Finalist with Honorable Mention, So Cal Screenplay Competition - The Southern California Screenplay Competition 2021.

IN HIS FATHER’S FOOTSTEPS, a middle-grade / YA quest adventure won a Moonbeam Award and has also been doing well in screenwriting contests. Semifinalist, So Cal Screenplay Competition - The Southern California Screenplay Competition 2021 Top 100 (Feature or TV Pilot), Table Read My Screenplay Genre Screenplay Competition Austin 2021

She is adapting GHOSTLY JUSTICE, her YA paranormal, for a TV series.

Bev has written a middle-grade/YA adventure, THE WORN BEAR, about World War 11 and is also adapting it to a screenplay.


An introverted single mother risks her life to find her kidnapped five-year-old son when the police fail and she can no longer trust those closest to her.



A rebellious fourteen-year-old struggles to survive in Northern Ontario in his quest to find his missing father.



(A seven page short being expanded into a feature) An off the grid fourteen year old struggling with his mother's deteriorating mental status walks away from his Missing Child photo.



A fifteen-year-old doesn’t want to read people’s minds, or see ghosts, and she definitely doesn’t want to help solve a forty-year-old murder. Planned for a TV series.



A recently jilted ER doctor finds the first victim of serial killer excising women’s kidneys and risks her life to aid the police before she becomes his next victim.



After a failed suicide attempt leaves a depressed teen in a coma she must decide if living is worth the effort.



A pediatrician returns to her home town of Juniper Falls to help her father over Christmas. She wins the heart of a crippled child but can she make the father love Christmas again?


A Jewish teenager’s dream of getting the Elgin 4 Star Deluxe bicycle is shattered when Hitler bombs Amsterdam. As the persecution threatens him and his family’s lives the Resistance arranges a risky escape. Will the Nazis find the jewels he’s hidden in his sister’s stuffed bear or will they be caught before reaching Switzerland?

I have been fortunate to receive some wonderful reviews of my books but this one is my favorite.

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